Animated Books


How many times have you wanted to read Pep Guardiola’s books (Another way of winning, Pep Confidential…), Quiet Leadership of Carlo Ancelloti, How to watch soccer of Ruud Gullit, or more specifically the bible of football tactics (Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Soccer Tactics of Jonathan Wilson)? … 

Not into Reading

In their printed or digital formats, they are still unread. Maybe because you don’t have time, maybe you aren’t sure that it may help you, or because you really not into reading books… There are many reasons, but only one consequence: the books aren’t read yet.  

As I’m reading football books, I thought I could help you by making a video or a series of videos of every book I read in an animated format. This will tell you about the most important points handled by the book’s author. It will motivate you (or not) to read the whole book, and it will give you the authors’ thoughts and ideas in a short and engaging format

How to Watch Soccer - Ruud Gullit - Cover

How to Watch Soccer is, in a certain way, an autobiography where Ruud tells us about his career, his life, his experience… from the time he just kicked the ball for the first time as a kid till what he is giving for football at the time he wrote the book.

In another way, the book is a historical Analysis of players, teams, coaches, tactics…

But most importantly, this book will quite simply change the way you see – and enjoy – the beautiful game.