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  • My Mission is to popularize football analysis.
  • My Promise is to create the most objective, useful, and valid football analysis.
  • My Audience is everyone interested in understanding football in a deeper level (whether players, coaches, football analysts, or even football fans).
  • My Offer is to analyze players and teams’ performance and Help them reach higher levels in understanding and playing football.
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Analyzing football isn’t and shouldn’t be exclusive to football analysts. Whether you do want it or not, you are analyzing football while coaching your team, while playing a game, or even while watching it. The question is not “Should I Analyze Football?” But it is “How to Analyze Football?”
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Watch dozens of Football Analysis Videos of top leagues, teams and players. 

Improve your PERFORMANCE and your team’s one by learning from 5 categories: Goals Analysis, Games Analysis, Players Analysis, Concepts, and How to…

Animated Books

How many times have you wanted to read football books (Another way of winning, Inverting the pyramid…)?

In their printed or digital format, they are still unread. Right?

No Worries!

As I love reading, I read these books and then create a short video (or series of videos) talking about the most important points. It will give you the authors’ thoughts and ideas in a short and engaging format.

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Welcome to Football Analysis Secrets – The Coaches, Players and Football Lovers Community.

Our Mission is to provide football analysis for everyone so we can understand football correctly and improve our performance.

As a member of this group, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to analyze football.
  • Connect with others in a friendly community.
  • Improve your football performance.
  • Get the support you need to reach your goals. 
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